Are You Caring for a Teen Exhibiting High Risk Behaviors?

Why ConnectUP Services:

Caring for a youth who is at risk of or who has experienced commercial sexual exploitation can be challenging and ConnectUP is here to help. Our goal is to build meaningful connections between young people and their caregivers to increase stability and long-term positive outcomes.

How ConnectUP can Help:

ConnectUP is designed to provide tailored and coordinated services to children and youth who are at risk of or who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, and their caregivers, through our partner agencies. At this time, this pilot program provides services for children and youth who are involved in the child welfare system with an open DCYF case in Region 3 or 4.

Available supports include:

  • Training and support—both upfront and ongoing- related to caring for CSEC

  • Access to one-on-one phone-based consultation with a CSEC subject matter expert

  • Opportunity for in-home therapy and stabilization services and respite care

  • Ongoing community building and recreational activities for families and children