Our goal:

Building meaningful connections between young people and their caregivers

ConnectUP is a specialized pilot program based in King County, WA, designed to provide coordinated services to children and youth who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, commercial sexual exploitation, and to the individuals and families who provide care for these children.


Between 50% and 90% of child sexual exploitation survivors in the United States have been involved in the child welfare system at some point in their lives.

Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2015 / Read Full Article


“Her name was Linda and she is my mom still to this day.”

-Jasmine, survivor and former Washington foster youth


Who we are:

ConnectUP brings together a team of dynamic partner agencies dedicated to serving children and families in Washington State.



Many of the same factors that lead children to be involved in the child welfare system, past abuse or lack of family support for example, are the same factors that leave children vulnerable to commercials sexual exploitation.


Our History:

In the summer of 2015…

…the King County CSEC Task Force convened a group of stakeholders tasked with addressing the overlap between commercial sexual exploitation and the child welfare system in Washington State. This group identified the need for therapeutic foster homes dedicated to serving children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation as a priority, and set out to find and support families who would be willing to open their homes to these children. Since that time, this idea has grown into a multi-agency program and has added an array of additional services and supports.


Are you currently caring for a child who has been or is at risk of commercial sexual exploitation?

ConnectUP may be able to help.